Caractéristiques détaillées du fréquencemètre 65 MHz

Red LED 6 Digits 0.1MHz-65MHz Frequency Counter Digital Cymometer Tester Meter

Frequency reference with crystal type oscillator controlled voltage type compensation (2.5 ppm VC-TCXO). 
Adopt gate control mode and the exact time algorithm is unique. 
Gate (update) time is 0.1 seconds, real-time frequency display. 
The 10Hz/100Hz (Right Turn) Frequency Accuracy Optional. 
Dual frequency design, intermediate frequency value and more / min mode can be preset, and do not affect each other. 
Display drivers using LED chip LED digital display, high brightness, less external interference. 
It adopts six 0.56 inch digital display tube, automatic zero trim, eight phase adjustable brightness. 
Simple circuit, reasonable structure, double button control, simple operation. 
All settings are saved automatically, start calling directly. 

LED Color: Red 
Operating Voltage: DC 8-15V (Reverse Polarity Protection) 
Current Woring: 90mA (Max) 
Input Impedance: high Resistance 
Measuring Range: 0.1 MHz to 65 MHz 
Accuracy: 10Hz 
Sensitivity: better than 60 mVPP 
Display Digits: Six common LED anode display, the highest six digit display 
RF IN (input): HX2.54-2P Socket 
ICSP (Programming Interface): 2.54-6 P Pin 
DC IN (Power Interface): HX2.54-2P Socket 
Size: 9x2.5x2cm/3.54x0.98x0.79" 


Fréquencemètre 6 afficheurs numériques LED 65 mhz

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